Your day should be fun, easy, and full of love. Some planning before the day goes a long way.

We’ll button everything up so that on the day you can focus on what really matters: celebrating with those who matter the most to you.

Before your day

Do we meet? Can we meet?

How do we pay?

For sure! If you can, I’d love to meet for a coffee or cocktail. You’re going to be with your photographer for a lot of time during your wedding so it makes a ton of sense to make sure we all vibe. With that said, more than half of my couples aren’t local, so I’m happy to meet via FaceTime or Skype. Or in person if you’re in or will be visiting Albany, NY. Whatever’s best for you!

To make the date yours and yours only, a signed contract and 33% retainer payment are required. The balance is due 60 days before your wedding, and you can pay that however you want along the way.

Are the images edited?

Yes! All the images are edited for color, contrast, white balance, cropping, etc. to the same extent you see on my blog.

How final images do we get?

There’s a lot of variables to factor in, but in general you will get around 100 edited photos per hour of coverage.

Do we give you a list of photos to take?

Nope! Anticipating and hunting all the small moments during your wedding day is my main jam! Working from a list will cause me to miss all the natural moments that are occurring during your day.

If there’s a family heirloom, or something not obvious that I may want to know about, feel free to let me know. But the big list with every shot that I should be taking throughout the day, not necessary.

Can you share a full gallery?

Of course! Get in touch and I’d love to send you a few full galleries to show you what you can expect after your wedding.

What are your travel fees?

$1/mile/round trip from 12203 if I’m driving. Planes and trains or anything more elaborate is on a case-by-case basis.

Are there any other costs?

Tax. But other than that, there’s no ugly surprises after the wedding.

On your day

Do you take formal family photos?

What do we do if it rains?

Of course. Your family would hate me if I didn’t! While they’re not the most fun or creative photos we’ll take, they are super important! We’ll work together beforehand to make sure we have a nice short list for me to go off of to make things easy.

Bring some umbrellas and be as flexible and ready as you can to hop outside if the rain lets up even for just a few minutes.

We don’t love having our photo taken. Any tips?

I’m the exact same way so I have lots of tips and tricks. The main trick to getting natural portraits is to encourage natural interaction, which I’m a pro at.

Do you have a second photographer or assistant?

I shoot most of my weddings solo, but a second photographer can be added to any package that does not include one. I’d recommend a second if your wedding is 150 guests or more.

What gear do you use?

I try to keep this to an absolute minimum to stay as nimble as possible, and to avoid the paralysis of unlimited possibilities that a bag of 20 lenses brings.

My gear is one D750, one D780 and one 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm lens.


When do we get our photos?

How do we order prints?

You will receive your fully edited photo set about 4 weeks after your wedding! You’ll get a few previews before then to help tide you over until then.

Your online gallery will have a built in store which makes its super easy to buy loose prints, ready to hang framed prints, cards, and much more.

Do you offer albums?

Do you back up things up?

Yes! It’s a shame for your photos to only live on a hard drive or website. Having a beautifully printed and well crafted album that you can show off for generations is completely worth it.

Your album is designed by me, in a modern, clean way which matches the photos. No weird borders or backgrounds. Just you two, on your day, front and center. You’ll get a proof of your album with or shortly after you get your photos, and you can request changes to the proof until your album is perfect.

Learn more on my albums page.

Yup! I’m a giant nerd and I’ve thought through this system extensively.

Everything is backed up the night of your wedding across 3 drives, in two locations. Same happens with your edited files. I keep everything for at least a year.

I strongly recommend making a few copies of your wedding photos once you receive your gallery. Dropbox, Google Photos, and an external hard drive is a great start!

For the nerds or curious: Your wedding gets shot simultaneously to 2 SD cards in my camera. One of those stays in my car until your wedding is edited and delivered. The other one is imported to my working drive (a JBOD external) which is then copied nightly to my Synology. Edited files follow the same flow, exported to the JBOD and copied to the Synology. JPGs are backed up to the cloud, twice.

How do we get our photos?

Your photos are delivered via online gallery, and you are able to download them all straight from there! The files you download here are full resolution and are not watermarked or degraded in any way.