At the risk of sounding too sentimental…

You know those summer nights that are lingering and perfect and hard to remember when they’re over? I want your wedding to feel like that.

And then I want to help you relive it. There’s nothing like a hit of nostalgia looking back at the past and how important those photos become over time. Even the little ones, that don’t seem like much right now. 

When I picked up a camera at 15, I just wanted to share and relive the fun times my friends and I would get into. Somewhere along the years I became obsessed with the technicalities and the art of photography. By the time I turned 19, it had become my life and my business. And now, you’re here reading about me … life is wild.

Speaking of wild, my wife is also a wedding photographer. Yes, somehow photography even weaseled its way into my love life. 

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