Sam & J.T.’s Vanderbilt Lakeside Wedding

Sam & J.T.’s Vanderbilt Lakeside wedding was a vibe. The fall colors popping, a beautifully warm fall day, and tons of awesome spaces to kick back and relax. The layout of different spaces was perfect; there were people going wild on the dance floor, people chilling outside on the couches, and groups of people having a blast in the photo booth. A beautiful and very proper celebration for Samantha & J.T.!

How We Met

Technically we met at Good Morning America! We both were part of our college news show (Sam had a fashion segment, J.T. was an anchor) and they took us on a field trip where we met the team and stood in the audience next to each other. We became friends from there, but J.T. had a crush on Sam (who had a boyfriend). A few years later, when she posted that she was single on Facebook, he asked her out — and the rest is history!

Our Engagement Story

We had already been together 10 years and picked out the ring together. During a trip to a bed and breakfast in Vermont, J.T. popped the question after they had both had a few cocktails. Those initial drunken ring photos are extremely blurry and chaotic to say the least.

Marriage to us means…

Another way to solidify our commitment to one another.

How did you choose your venue/location?

We wanted it to be a comfortable, chill, home-like setting with lots of seating, so that people could casually roam around. We also liked that the Vanderbilt Lakeside allowed us to rent it for the weekend and we could stay there, rather than travel all around. Plus, the decor is unmatched!

A memorable moment from our wedding was…

When we both said the other person felt like home during our written vows. The perfect coincidence that only proved we are meant to be!

If I could give other couples to be one piece of advice…

In general: Don’t compare yourself or your relationship to other people. There’s no “right” way to do something or an order you have to follow. Do what works for you and on your own time so that it’s perfectly tailored to your unique journey. For a wedding: Be specific! You always hear negative things about “Bridezillas,” but there is such a thing as being TOO chill. People need direction and don’t want to mess up the day YOU want or have in mind. Tell them all the details you’re thinking and set some boundaries. It can still be relaxed, but people (especially your wedding party and family) want some sort guidance because it’s YOUR day! Also it’s just more organized that way and people can plan around that!

Venue & Catering: Vandebilt Lakeside
Dress: Galia Lahav
Planning: Love Birds Wedding Co.
Florals: Blees Floral Design
Hair: Candy’s Styles Hair
Make Up: Nomadic MUA

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