Sarah & Matt’s Summer Farm Wedding

How We Met

We met at a neon paint party our sophomore year of college, and reconnected a year later. Sarah was 20 minutes late to their first date that Matt was 15 minutes early to because she was laying on her couch and didn’t want to get up. She’s glad she got up and went!

Our Engagement Story

Matt proposed to Sarah in front of the house she lived in during college, where they spent much of their senior year together and where they fell in love. Sarah knew it was coming and wasn’t very surprised when he popped the question, but what she didn’t know is that Matt invited some of their best friends from out of town to celebrate their engagement at the restaurant where they had their first date. The next day everyone watched Michigan Football defeat the University of Washington Huskies in what would end up being a turning point for Michigan’s program. It was a glorious weekend for us as a couple and as sports fans.

Marriage to us means…

Funny story. Sarah was talking to her friends about love languages and apparently there are five- Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. She told her friends her love language with Matt was Comedy. They said that doesn’t count. Sarah and Matt know it does. Marriage means a lot of things but that’s where everything starts for them.

How did you choose your venue?

The food, beautiful natural setting (especially the cocktail hour barn), and of course the kitties!

A memorable moment from our wedding was…

Sarah’s Aunt baked our wedding cake from scratch. It was so special to have her with us while we cut it and took our first bites. It looked and tasted impeccable and was exactly what they envisioned for their wedding. Watching everyone on the dance floor with ice cream pops was a ton of fun as well.

Also, Matt ripping his pants during the Horah was a story we’ll tell forever.

If I could give other couples to be one piece of advice…

A few short pieces of advice. Try not to take everything so seriously. Laugh together often and soak it all in. Drink lots of water (not just during your wedding but always). Don’t check the forecast until you absolutely have to and remember that anything can happen day of.

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