Lauren & Zach’s Saratoga National Wedding

Lauren & Zach’s wedding day was so full of love you could feel the warmth radiating from everyone in their orbit. Everyone was so genuinely happy to be there to watch and celebrate their marriage it really brought things back to basics about what a wedding is and who it’s for.

We started the on a warm December day at a nearby Airbnb. Got these two dressed and had their first look in the yard of ther Airbnb. We then made our way as a group to Congress Park in downtown Saratoga for a few photos and then headed to Saratoga National Golf Club to seal the deal and celebrate.

From the moment we walked into the ceremony space to the end of night on the dance floor, there was nothing but smiles and love in the air.

How We Met

We met through both of our first jobs after college, working for a nonprofit organization called Kesem. This organization stole our hearts in college, and we both joined the national organization upon graduating. Once we were both working for Kesem, we were inseparable. We always extended our work trips to spend time together, called each other on long drives, and texted all the time. We were best friends – the best foundation for our love!

Our Engagement Story

Zach told Lauren we were traveling to NH to meet up with some of his friends for the weekend. We stopped in Meredith (one of our favorite NH towns) on the way up, had a little lunch, and Lauren still had no idea what was going on. Another pitstop found us at a suspension bridge overlooking a rushing snowy river, where Zach and Lauren had visited and hiked only 3 months into dating (unbeknownst to Lauren, as the landscape was entirely transformed by a light dusting of December snow). Zach started talking about how much he loved their life together (Lauren was still entirely unfazed, as it wasn’t unlike Zach to ponder their love out loud), spoke of how he wanted to spend the rest of their life together, and only when he reached into his pocket and got on one knee did Lauren realize he was proposing. It was a quick yes, then we drove the Kancamagus highway (our pro tip to anyone getting engaged: do it somewhere there’s no cell service. We had no service for 45 minutes as we drove and it was the coolest thing to know we were the only souls in the universe who knew we were officially engaged). We went to a brewery, cooked dinner, then we spent the rest of our weekend with our two families who traveled in for the occasion!

Marriage to us means…

EVERYTHING. Spending a lifetime with our best friend. Having a teammate through the good times and the bad times. Having a partner that understands, and sees the other for who they are, and who they hope to be. Marriage means knowing what it means to love unconditionally, challenge deeply, and dream big together.

How did you choose your venue/location?

Lauren’s family is from Utica and Zach’s is from Boston. Saratoga Springs is almost halfway in the middle, and has always been one of our favorite spots to visit – so we were excited to share one of our favorite places with all of our family and friends! We also LOVE the holiday season and knew Saratoga Springs did a wonderful job with decorations, lights, and the Christmas spirit.

A memorable moment from our wedding was…

– Dancing the night away with all of our loved ones. Every time there was a song that mentioned family (ex – We Are Family), one of Zach’s groomsmen took it upon himself to grab our parents and sisters and bring them to us to make sure we were dancing together – which gave us a good laugh and even better memories.

– We were both filled to the brim with emotions in the minutes before the ceremony. Right before we were separated for the ceremony lineup, we caught each other and had a moment to hug, cry together, and laugh together – processing the emotions of 5 years together in a matter of seconds. Despite there being dozens of people running around, it felt like we were the only people in the world.

– Having all of our favorite people and loved ones watching and listening to our vows, but feeling like no one was in the room but the two of us.

If I could give other couples to be one piece of advice…

Remember, it’s all about you! Don’t sweat the small stuff. Take a moment to step back, soak in the love, and remember what it feels like to have all of your favorite people and most treasured friends in one room – there’s a chance it only happens once in your life, and it’s worth holding onto.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped Lauren & Zach’s day be such an amazing time.
Video: Love’N Pixels
Band: Atlas Band
Flowers: Coriale Flowers
Rentals: Total Events
Catering: Mazzone Hospitality

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