Sasha & Roie’s Red Maple Vineyard Wedding

Sasha & Roie’s Red Maple Vineyard wedding was full sore cheeks from smiling so much, celebrating so hard you need to take breaks, and an overall air of elation the entire day. It’s absolutely beautiful to see these two leave any and all expectations at the door and show up to their wedding and enjoy it how it unfolded in front of them. It was an absolutely glorious celebration to put it lightly. These two are nothing short of magic.

How We Met

Roie and my brother Ben (Sasha’s brother) met in college. Roie and Sasha are the same age, Ben is a few years older. Ben fell in love with Roie almost immediately and took a risk, telling him he’d marry his sister (me) one day. We followed each other on social media for 5 years until we finally met. Sasha messaged Roie on Facebook. Roie was living in Philadelphia and Sasha was living in NY. Our first date was 8 hours long and the rest was history!

Our Engagement Story

Roie proposed to Sasha overlooking the Hudson and Manhattan on our third year anniversary. One of our favorite books (and something that we feel speaks to the wild story of our meeting) is the Alchemist. Roie wrote a poem in the very back of the book for me to read which eventually led to him popping the question. 

Marriage to us means…

Unconditional love and moving forward in growth and life together. 

How did you choose your venue?

We visited lots of venues we found online and on the knot and fell in love with Red Maple Vineyard because it felt like it was removed from the rest of the world and because of its whimsy and charm. 

A memorable moment from our wedding was…

Getting ready with friends and family, parent blessings before our ceremony (during the ketubah signing), our vows, the horah, the final song (Sasha’s grandmother recently passed so it was very poignant for the whole family to dance around her grandfather during the song Sweet Caroline). 

If I could give other couples to be one piece of advice…

Don’t worry about how the day could be or how you think it should be, be in the moment and put your heart into how it is and into each other. 

Thank you so much to everyone who helped to make this wedding as glorious as it was.

Venue and Catering: Red Maple Vineyard
Photographer: Andrew Franciosa
Florist: Allora Farm Flowers
Hair & Makeup: Eye of Luna
Day of Coordinator: Michelle at RMV

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