Best Upstate NY Wedding Planners (Updated 2023)

A wedding is tricky to plan and some of the details definitely get tough to keep straight during the process. Having a world-class wedding planner along for the ride can make things much easier for you.

Here is a breakdown of the best Upstate NY wedding planners and what each one brings to the table when it’s time to begin your planning.

Hudson Valley Ceremonies (Rhinebeck, NY)

With 27 years of experience planning, HV ceremonies are the real deal when it comes to providing a sophisticated and smooth-sailing wedding plan. The staff pays attention to all the little details and makes sure it all comes together as intended.

HV Ceremonies is noted for offering an all-encompassing experience that is charming, full of fun, and right in line with what a modern couple needs.

Pollyanna Events (Brooklyn, NY)

This is a women-run bespoke wedding planning service with years of qualified expertise. The team helps plan each detail associated with your wedding including the venue, how it is set up, and what’s required to make the day a success.

Pollyanna Events is the real deal offering a variety of wedding planning options including partial planning or a month of coordination where everything is considered while going through the various details.

Lovely Events (White Plains, NY)

The perfect wedding is all about the experience, aesthetics, and how it all comes together. This is where Lovely Events shines because it offers a long list of personalized services ensuring a couple gets what they set out to get.

Choose between partial planning, full planning, or just wedding day management to get the type of wedding planning needed to make your event a successful one in Upstate NY.

Canvas Weddings (Hudson Valley, NY)

When it comes to the best Upstate NY wedding planners, Canvas Wedding does an exceptional job for new-age couples with its creative, out-of-the-box ideas. Everything is personalized based on the package a couple decides to go with making it a perfect experience on your big day.

Canvas Wedding is appreciated for its professional staff, great attention to detail, and the overall commitment to doing things the way a couple wants them to be done.

Elite Wedding Planning (Kingston, NY)

Whether it is choosing the wedding colors, songs to dance to, or how it all comes together, Elite Wedding Planning is about as good as it gets in Upstate NY for modern wedding planning.

The team has coordinated over 100 weddings in the region and is a trustworthy option for those who want something well-rounded and easy to enjoy. Elite Wedding Planning will make sure the event goes ahead without a hitch.

Magdalena Events and Design (Craryville, NY)

From venue scouting to timelines, everything is managed by Magdalena Events and Design. The team has years of qualified experience, understands the nuances of putting together a gorgeous wedding, and will ensure it is themed based on your vision for the big day.

Magdalena Events and Design is perfect for all types of events and appreciates the work that goes into this type of process when it is time to make your wedding dream come to life in a memorable way.

If you are looking for the best wedding planners in Upstate NY then this is the perfect list to start with. Each one is professional, offers a long list of services, and will ensure things are done the way you want them to be done. As a couple in the planning stage, take some time to go through these wedding planners and find the one that feels the best for your day!