Mia & Carlo’s Vanderbilt Lakeside Wedding

How We Met

We were first introduced at Mia’s 22nd birthday party by a mutual friend. Carlo was feeling a bit shy that night since he hadn’t been out much recently. Mia thought Carlo was cute, but Carlo was distracted by a giant bucket of cheese puffs, Mia’s party snack of choice at the time. From there, Mia became a regular at Carlo’s band’s shows. After a string of funny and endearing encounters over several months that left both of them hoping they would cross paths again, Carlo asked Mia out on a date. The rest is history!

Our Engagement Story

We had been together 9.5 years and picked out an engagement ring together. During a relaxing evening at home while doing some holiday decorating, Carlo asked Mia to marry him. We immediately called our family and friends and celebrated by going out for a pasta and wine dinner date in DC. It was intimate and very us!

Marriage to us means…

A way to celebrate and honor our partnership and commitment to one another.

How did you choose your venue?

So much of our story as partners (and individuals) is tied to NY and we’ve spent a lot of time together in Hudson Valley – it felt like the most meaningful location for our wedding. Luckily while searching for alternative venues, we stumbled across Vanderbilt Lakeside and fell in love with all of its colors, textures, and quirkiness. 

A memorable moment from our wedding was…

All of it!

If I could give other couples to be one piece of advice…

Identify what matters most to the both of you early on in the planning process and make those things your top priority. Don’t waste your time, energy, and money on unnecessary/meaningless extras and don’t let social media change your mind.

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